Empowering Success: Leveraging 20 Years of Leadership in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

Hello and welcome, I'm Chase Qualls, your new Sales Director and Executive Leader.

I'm excited that you're curious to learn more about me, my background, experiences, and education.

I'm looking forward to sharing my unique path into my digital resume, your gateway to exploring my dynamic journey, expertise, and achievements in the realm of business and leadership. Discover how I've harnessed challenges as stepping stones and translated ideas into impactful outcomes. Embark on this voyage of growth, innovation, and relentless commitment with me.

Let's dive into my story and explore how my journey has shaped my expertise and passion.

With over two decades of dedicated experience, I have developed valuable leadership abilities aimed at motivating and guiding teams toward shared success. Leadership, in my view, revolves around creating an inclusive and supportive environment where every team member's unique strengths are leveraged to achieve collective objectives. My journey, which includes leading cross-functional teams and collaborating closely with top-level executives, has reinforced the value of transparent communication, and strategic thinking. I thrive on challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth, innovation, and the achievement of exceptional results.

My commitment to delivering exceptional customer support and fostering engagement is deeply rooted in my belief in the importance of building enduring relationships. I have consistently showcased my proficiency in navigating complex market dynamics and nurturing robust customer connections. My approach places the customer at the center, founded on active listening and a genuine interest in comprehending their requirements. This approach has not only translated into surpassing sales targets but also into cultivating trust and loyalty among clients. In today's era where customer experience reigns supreme, I hold the belief that satisfied customers are more than just clients; they are collaborative partners in mutual success

Industry Experience Summary

My career is a testament to the power of cross-functional expertise, leadership, and strategic planning, as a foundation, and optimizing resources. With a diverse experience spanning Tech & SaaS (Software as a Service), Healthcare/Pharma, Government/Transportation, Distribution/Channel Management, Education, Food Service/Retail, Commercial/Retail, and Business Development successes.

Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege to collaborate with esteemed clients and organizations Cisco, Apple, Kaiser, Boeing, and LAX. Whether negotiating multiyear contracts in healthcare, directing distribution channels, or driving growth in varied sales territories, I've consistently delivered results through proactive coaching & communication, fostering account growth, nurturing relationships, and boosting revenue. My deep commitment to education and professional development is demonstrated by my roles as a guest lecturer, Advisory Board member, and adjunct professor.

In summary, whether my team and I are selling JanSan cleaning solutions, industrial tapes & adhesives, window film, corporate & local rental products, or SaaS, my career reflects a values-driven approach, where principles align with objectives, and strategic planning lights the way for sustained success in meeting corporate forecasts and budgetary accountability

For further insights into my diverse industry experience and clientele, please explore the categories below along with my resume. Based on your organizational needs and my work experience, let’s schedule a discussion on how I can support you in meeting your corporate goals and objectives.

Sold industrial, JanSan, and window film solutions to a wide range of clients, including SoFi Stadium, Chase Center, Crypto.Com Center, Allegiant Stadium, SD Convention Center, various retail and convenience stores, and malls.

Distribution/Channel Management
Managed distribution channels and developed marketing programs in this domain
while enhancing relationships with key accounts. Notable partners included Brady, WAXIE/Envoy, Imperial Dade, Home Depot, Grainger, Air Gas, and Interwest/Fellers.

Engaged and sold cleaning, industrial, and maintenance solutions to educational institutions, including Sweetwater SD, LA Unified SD, San Diego SD, UCLA, USC, SDSU, UCSD, and UNLV. I also contributed as a Guest Lecturer, Adjunct Professor at Southern University A&M, and member of the College of Marketing Advisory Board

Food Service
Catered to prominent brands like Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell, offering tailored cleaning, industrial, and maintenance solutions.

Provided specialized cleaning, industrial, and maintenance solutions to multiple governmental bodies including Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Defense (DOD), Navy, Army, and General Services Administration (GSA) while adhering to Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Managed and successfully negotiated contracts with Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). My expertise extended to selling healthcare-specific cleaning and industrial solutions to prominent institutions, including Kaiser, Scripps, Dignity, and USC and UCLA Medical Centers.

Delivered specialized solutions for production and maintenance, addressing unique challenges faced by manufacturers.

Tech & SaaS
Engaged with C-suite-level clients in leading tech companies like Cisco; with a focus on selling impactful SaaS solutions optimizing the value to companies like ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, and Intersite.